Our Scalp & Well-being Clinic is all about your Beauty, Health & Well-being, where there is a different kind of relationship with our client, where Body, Mind & Soul are engaged and Balanced !

We will walk as one towards an important common goal – Your Beauty, Health & Wellbeing.

Transform every treatment into a pleasurable experience of wellbeing.

The clinic is located on the first and second floor of our Wellness Centre – Oxygen Mind Body Soul. Wellness & Education.

Oxygen Infusion Scalp Therapy

Caring for your your wellbeing


Transforms every treatment into a very pleasurable experience of wellbeing .

  • Pure Oxygen revitalizes Hair Cells and Strengthen Hair Regrowth
  • Improves Scalp Health and Stimulate Healthier Hair
  • Increases Blood Circulation and Metabolism in the Scalp
  • Promotes Thicker, Stronger Hair Follicles
  • Removes Anaerobic Bacteria from the Scalp
  • Deep Cleaning the Scalp to Remove Dead Cells / Product build up
  • Provides Hydration and Vital Nutrients to the Scalp
  • Relives Issues Like Dandruff, Dry, Irritable, Itchy Scalp etc.

The machine supplies pure Oxygen through a high quality , precision airbrush that creates a fine spray of the specific product selected for hair loss or other scalp issues.

There are various factors that contribute to Hair Health. A major factor of healthy hair is the growth potential of the hair and scalp. One of the most important contributors to having Healthy Hair is sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp to increase hair growth throughout the entire head. The top of the scalp is the most difficult place to maintain good blood circulation because it is the farthest point upwards from the heart. Therefore the scalp is the most often non-stimulated area of the body , thus hair follicles can become sluggish forcing hair to grow at a lower rate.


Oxygen Scalp Infusion Therapy is a natural scalp and hair treatment that uses oxygen with the combination of botanical tonics, which leads to a balanced scalp and healthy hair strands. Each treatment helps to eliminate bacteria from the scalp while replenishing moisture and balance to the scalp and hair from the root to the ends. Oxygen Scalp Infusion Therapy supplies the scalp with adequate nutrients and oxygen to keep the scalp healthy, which improves the hair by supplying it with the necessary oils to keep it, supple and shiny.


By application of the Oxygen Scalp Infusion Therapy to the scalp, the blood is being stimulated with circulation by the administrated nutrients and oxygen that are being topically delivered to the scalp. Thus the Oxygen Scalp Infusion Therapy treatment is promoting acceleration hair growth in the dermis layer of the scalp, reconstructing the effected hair from the inside by repairing the bonds, restoring resiliency while refreshing the cuticle and cortex. In other words, the scalp gets cleansed, nourished, and stimulated at the same time, while you are experiencing one of the most relaxing scalp therapy treatment you ever had. It’s facial for you scalp!

Some results are visible right from the first session but a full treatment cycle is recommended to stabilise results along with using the recommended organic / natural home care products

Scalp & Wellness Clinic
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